Monday, November 23, 2009

Nip Slip Nation-Home of Celebs Nip Slips

Sometimes you just have to chalk it up to a bad choice of clothing. Sometimes it's a mere twist or breeze, but no matter what the cause, we all love someone else's little embarrassing moment! Welcome to Nip Slip Nation! Dedicated to peeking ta tas, uncovered eraserheads and celebrities that just can't keep the thimbles covered. If it slipped, odds are we've got it. And it's not just about celebrity hooters either. From points all over the world, the attorney, the secretary, the weather girl on channel 62 - if they slipped out, our nip slip hunters have caught them on camera.

Our free community is dedicated to sharing the nipples you wouldn't normally see, and now you can sign on and start your career as a professional nip slip hunter. Nip Slip Nation is all about getting your jollies from the wardrobe misfortunes of others.

Hey it might be a tad perverse, but then who gives a nip!

What you just learned about Nip Slips is just the beginning. Check out the best nip slip pictures, videos, stories, games and more at Nip Slip Nation

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